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Pulse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter helps measure oxygen levels in the blood by placing a sensor on the fingertip or other extremity. This piece of equipment offers a non-invasive way to measure levels of oxygen in the body and ensure patient safety during the procedure.


Epione uses a 5-lead electrocardiograph to measure the heartbeat of patients and to determine any abnormalities throughout the procedure. The 5-lead EKG can be easily attached to the patient skin in order to help determined the regularity of the heartbeat and to provide the clinician with useful information in a management of the patient under anesthesia.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is evaluated continuously, from the preoperative assessment until complete recovery of the patient. It is an additive tool which assists the anesthesiologist in the management of the level of anesthesia needed to maintain proper circulation and safety of the patient.


Bispectral Index System (BIS) monitors the levels of consciousness when under extended sedation. It is a sophisticated non-invasive monitoring system which decreases overall anesthetic requirements due to ability to precisely titrate amount of medication needed to the particular level of unconsciousness. Brain electrical activity is displayed and recorded as a complex pattern of waves. This provides information about the degree of sedation and ensures an adequate amount of medication at all points in the treatment.

Precordial Stethoscope

This stethoscope helps quickly monitor changes in a patient’s breathing tone and helps maintain a healthy patent airway. Assuring proper respiration throughout the whole procedure is the key element in current anesthesia practice.

CO2 Monitoring

More visual than auditory, the CO2 monitoring system is used to quantify the amount of expired gas released at the end of expiration and during rebreathing. This type of monitoring helps us indirectly assess gas metabolism and efficacy of the patient gas exchange.

McGRATH MAC Video Laryngoscope

The McGRATH® MAC raises the global standard of care. Combining video and direct visualization the McGRATH MAC supports routine to more difficult intubations and reduces the use of multiple devices. The McGRATH MAC is designed to improve Grade of view, invests in existing skills and avoids complicating more simple intubations.