Dr. Jana Sabo specializes on working with those suffering from dental fear. However, the vastness of the issue is shocking. Around 15% of Americans admitted to having a fear of the dentist.

The research questioned 2,000 Americans adults about their fears when visiting the doctors, dentists and opticians. The results revealed that 79% of those who admitted to having those fears have put of medical help as a result. The top 5 fears are:


  1. Finding a previously unknown health problem – 69%
  2. Phobia of medical equipment – 52%
  3. Bad childhood memory – 45%
  4. Bad experience – 22%
  5. The fear of potential pain – 14%.

Roughly 50% of people don’t regularly attend their dentist, knowing that dental fear is one of the main causes makes a lot of sense. However, with Epione Dental Anesthesiology there are a lot of ways to battle that fear and get all the dental work done with no pain.


Working with a dentist who has training or a therapist to move past your issues would be beneficial.


You only need to be coherent enough to get in the chair and agree to any procedures that are necessary. Then, Dr. Jana Sabo and her team will be doing anything from mild sedation that will keep you relaxed to deep sedation that will ensure you barely remember being in the chair at all. Sedation methods include everything from topical numbing agents to complete sedation. Preoperative evaluation will be done by Dr. Jana Sabo before the dental procedure in order to find the right sedation option for you.


New technology is making the dental experience far better. Patients may experience little to no pain at all, even if there is a problem that needs to be corrected. Cleanings are now performed with ultrasonic solutions and actual scaling with metal tools is kept to a minimum.

If you have a dental anxiety and you think you’d benefit from dental sedation, call Dr. Jana Sabo at Epione Dental Anesthesiology 1-855-900-2637.


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